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Announcing Nemostar Computing Web Site


To celebrate the start of a new financial year, we are proud to announce the launch of our new web site targeted specifically at the Computer Service market.

This new venture has been designed and targeted specifically to help current and future clients find the services they require. Services are described for easy browsing and no confusing technical jargon is used.

Nemostar Computing is placing itself as a supplier of professional services and is committed to providing the best possible service within the client's budget.

Amongst others are the following services listed on the web site:

  • Fixed Price Services Nemostar Computing offers fixed price services to the general community. With a fixed price service fee, customers are able to better budget for repairs and upgrades.
  • On-Site Service Calls Nemostar Computing offers on-site service calls for business or home computer users. We do not charge a call-out fee.
  • Purchasing Assistance Packages Nemostar Computing offers a service where we compose a report for a client who is in the decision making phase of a computer or related purchase (including networking/internet).

Whether you use a Mac or Windows computer, help is now available at an affordable rate. The site has a feedback form and telephone contact numbers, which clients are encouraged to use.

The aim is to make available an easily understood guide to supplying service in a timely manner. We welcome all enquiries.

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WebDev Navigator Launched

Nemostar is proud to announce the launch of WebDev Navigator. With the launch of WebDev Navigator we are now able to elevate building web sites to a new level.

WebDev Navigator is the result of many months work by our developers to achieve this milestone.

With its technology neutral approach, it is able to provide web site building services to any customer with graphical based web browser. No need for Java, no need for special plug-ins, no need for a specialised application.

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Woman with laptop

CommArt is a division of Nemostar Pty Ltd.

Graphic design and web site design are just a few of the many specialities of CommArt. General design consultation is an important feature of the service we provide.

CommArt provides the graphic design expertise for the Produced by Nemostar service.

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